by Alexandra


It’s carnevale in Rome. It’s carnevale in Venice, too, and I wish I was there again. Obviously nowhere does carnevale quite like Venice, and I have fond memories of being there in 2014. It rained so much that a man dressed as a penguin came to shelter under my umbrella.

It’s all blue skies and sunshine in Rome at the moment. Children dressed as princesses or superheroes running through the streets, throwing coriandoli (confetti) everywhere, and parades in Piazza Navona. I didn’t intend to see the parade, but as I spend so much time walking around the centre, I often stumble across events. Last weekend I was horrified to find myself caught up in the Family Day crowds. Obviously it was much more pleasant to accidentally attend the carnevale parade in Piazza Navona this afternoon, watching marching bands and men in togas.

One woman was wearing a hat shaped like the Colosseum, as you’ll see from the pictures below. I’d like it if this became the next trend – hats shaped like ancient monuments. An obelisk hat might be fun.

I often find Italian style – or Roman style, at least – disappointingly dull. People tend to dress identically, with none of the individuality you’ll find in a city like London. Carnevale sort of compensates for the rest of the year.


I also went for a walk along Via dei Coronari, and got a gelato at Gelateria del Teatro. An over-excited spaniel called Lolita was running around inside, ignoring her owner’s cries of “Lolliiii!” as she explored behind the counter. As a dog-lover, this is one of the many things I love about Italy – the tolerance of dogs in public places. You could never get away with letting your dog loose inside a shop or restaurant in the UK.

I don’t have a picture of Lolita the spaniel, but I do have a picture of a dog from my Venetian carnevale, which seems like an appropriate way to end the post:

dog carnevale