Canzone #2: “Perdere l’amore” by Massimo Ranieri (1988)

by Alexandra

If you thought my last canzone was over the top, wait till you listen to this.

Massimo Ranieri is such a drama queen. I don’t know all that much about him, apart from the fact that he sings melodramatic love songs and acts in Shakespeare plays, but I get the impression that he’s a typical thesp.

Valeriano introduced me to “Perdere l’amore” (“Losing love”), a song so extreme it’s begging to be parodied. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but I think the pleasure outweighs the guilt, partly because of Massimo Ranieri’s voice. In fact, performed by another singer, “Perdere l’amore” would probably be rubbish.

Just look at these lyrics:

Lasciami gridare
rinnegare il cielo
prendere a sassate tutti i sogni
ancora in volo
Li farò cadere ad uno ad uno
spezzerò le ali del destino
e ti avrò vicino

(Let me shout
Renounce the sky
Throw rocks at the dreams
Still in flight
I’ll make them fall one by one
I’ll break the wings of destiny
And I’ll have you near me)

E vorresti urlare
soffocare il cielo
sbattere la testa mille volte
contro il muro
respirare forte il suo cuscino
Dire è tutta colpa
del destino
se non ti ho vicino

(And you want to shout
Choking the sky
Bang your head a thousand times
Against the wall
Breathe deeply into the pillow
Saying it’s all the fault
Of destiny
If I don’t have you near me)

Over the top, yes, but if you’re feeling bitter, I think it could be quite cathartic.