Classical concerts at Teatro Marcello

by Alexandra


Teatro Marcello (the Theatre of Marcellus) is not the Colosseum. They may look similar, but they have different names, are in different places, and had different functions.

Now that that’s cleared up…I recommend a visit to Teatro Marcello, if you’re in the area (near the Jewish Ghetto and Piazza Venezia). It’s not an obvious tourist attraction, but all the lovelier for the lack of crowds. This Roman theatre – not an amphitheatre like the Colosseum – was built in 13 BC, and is now mostly unused.

If you have several million to spare, you can live on top of it. If you only have €14, you can settle for attending a classical concert in front of it.

It wasn’t until I read Natalie’s post on An American in Rome that I realised these concerts existed. They’re so badly publicised that the majority of Romans are probably oblivious. Which is a shame, because for only €14, you can sit on a white plastic chair with your name on it, in front of a 2,000 year old Roman theatre, and listen to some very talented musicians performing pieces by Bach and Beethoven.

There are concerts most evenings throughout the summer, right until the end of September, and I imagine you can usually (if not always) buy tickets on the door. The setting is spectacular, and the musicians are excellent, and deserving of a full audience.

Dates and more information here (in Italian)