author photo alexandra turney in exile

I’m Alexandra, a 28 year old former Londoner. I moved to Rome in September 2013. I work as an English teacher and freelance writer. My novel In Exile is about a melancholy Dionysus in 20th century Rome.

You can contact me at alexandraturney(at)hotmail.co.uk



The title of the blog comes from Shelley’s Adonais:

Go thou to Rome—at once the Paradise,
The grave, the city, and the wilderness;
And where its wrecks like shatter’d mountains rise,
And flowering weeds, and fragrant copses dress
The bones of Desolation’s nakedness
Pass, till the spirit of the spot shall lead
Thy footsteps to a slope of green access
Where, like an infant’s smile, over the dead
A light of laughing flowers along the grass is spread